KTM Duke 200 - A quick review

KTM Duke 200 - A quick review
KTM Duke 200 Side Look- A quick review

  • Polarizing and distinctive looks
  • One of the best naked bikes available in India
  • Light weight with supreme chassis that provides you exceptional feedback
  • Kerb weight of 128kg makes it lightest in its class and help KTM Duke 200 to deliver best in class power to weight ratio of 181 BHP per tonne
  • Upright sitting stance gives you commendable control over the bike in any kind of city condition
  • Short gearing allows KTM Duke 200 to clock 0 to 60kmph in 3.30secs and 0 to 100kmph in under 10 secs
  • New MRF tyres provide adequate grip in all conditions
  • Brakes are potent and provide brilliant feedback 
KTM Duke 200 - A quick review

  • Seats despite being improved by KTM Bajaj are not as comfy as compared to other bikes in its class
  • An all-digital meter provides host of information but due its small size it is not too good to look at
  • Shape of its headlamp does not brighten things up for the best night vision
  • Exhaust sound has never been harmonious
  • A fuel tank of 10.5 litres is small

KTM Duke 200 Dash

Why KTM Duke 200?

KTM Duke 200 is so striking and youthful that it will hit your adolescence directly. It is bonkers to look and rides like an insane flying bird. It is powerful, light, fast and will kick your adrenaline. It is also priced well (Rs. 1.44 lacs ex-showroom) and is a lot of bike you can ever imagine before riding it.
KTM Duke 200 Tail

Why not KTM Duke 200?

There can only be two reasons for not owning this bike if you have KTM's showroom at your place-
  • You are an old person now with slow reflexes and cannot handle its shear youthfulness
  • You prefer a more mature styling